How do I use the electronic voting equipment?

Voting Equipment

Georgia’s Statewide Uniform Voting System 
On Election Day, each polling place in Georgia now uses the same electronic voting system administered under uniform procedures in State law. 
Prior to the November 2002 general election, elections were primarily administered by county and municipal governments and used four different voting systems.  Beginning with that election, Georgia began major initiatives to improve the election process throughout the state.  Chief among these was the goal to establish a statewide uniform voting system.  In April, 2001 the General Assembly created the 21st Century Voting Commission to oversee the assessment of electronic voting and a pilot project.  So successful was the pilot program that this commission of bi-partisan appointees and stakeholders recommended immediate implementation for the 2002 November general election.  A more complete chronology of these accomplishments may be found in Chapters 1, 2, and 3 in the 2008 HAVA State Plan, Amended
While justifiably proud of having led the nation in establishing a statewide uniform voting system, Georgia is committed to an on-going search for improvements.  One improvement has been the addition of electronic poll books to speed confirmation of registered voters before voting.  Another assessment was the 2006 Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) pilot.  This pilot revealed that there were significant practical challenges with available VVPAT technologies that were yet to be overcome. Surveys have also shown that voters continue to have confidence in Georgia’s 2002 uniform statewide voting system.  
The voting station you will use to cast your vote on Election Day has an easy to use interactive touch screen system. 
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