Death Certificates

Wayne County Probate Court can only issue certified copies of Death Certificates.

Wayne County Probate Court only has copies of residents that have died in a County in Georgia. 

Applicant must show proper identification as a realtive and other necessary proof before we are able to issue a certified copy of a death certificate.

Fees for copies of Certified Death Certificate:

First copy - $25.00
Additional copies issued at the same time - $5.00

Certified Copies of Death Certificates WITH the cause of Death

Upon completion of a writers request and payment of the fee, the persons or agency representatives that may obtain certified copies of death certificates that contain the cause of death are:

- The spouse, children, parents or other next to kin of the decedent, or
- The legal representatives of the previously described individuals (including funeral directors) or
- Any individual who demonstrates the need for the cause of death to establish a legal right or claim or
- The court, person or entity mentioned in an order or subpoena issued by a court or competent jurisdiction
   aand or
- Authorized representatives of Federal, State or County government agencies in the conduct to their official
    aduties (not for personal purposes) or
- Genealogists representing and authorized in writing by a family to obtain copies of records to conduct family
   aresearch, or
- Researchers authorized by the State Registrar

Certified Copies of Death Certificates WITHOUT the cause of Death

Any person may obtain a certified copy or abstract of a death certificate that does NOT contain the cause of death. However, no certified copy of a death certificate can be issued until the person seeking a copy completes a written request and pays the applicable Vital Record fee.

We can not issue any uncertified copies of a vital record.


Death Certificate Request Form